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100W LED Street Light NSRL-009

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Product Abstract:

Wattage:100W Base:2 PIN wires Luminous flux:8000lm ±5%

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Product Description

 100W  LED Street Light   NSRL-009



-High- purity aluminum reflector ,light housing and heat sink;High intensity tempered glass ;High-power LED light source;High-efficiency imported LED driver.


-Uses single powerful LED(100w)as the light source,using our proprietary LED encapsulation.Utilizes the special design of multichip single module.Imported high brightness semiconductor chips.Integrative design for heat sink and housing;The LED is closely connected to the surface.The heat from LED is removed through the heat dissipation wing and also by the air ventilatio.The design ensures a 50,000hours life-span for the LED .If it works 12 hours per day,it can work over 10years.

-The maintenance aluminium alloy housing is effective in waterproofing and dust prevention.It also helps in removing the heat properly.The surface of the light is specially treated,so it is able to bear an ultraviolet ray and resist to corrosion.The whole light meets the standard of IP65.
-Uses monomer ellipse reflector with spheroid cambered surface so it can control the LED light pertinently in a needed area.This special design can improve the uniformity of the light and the utility ratio of the energy used.
Compared with traditional sodium lights,it can save electricity more than 70%.
-No ill glare;no abrupt and frequent flashes.The design ensures that bad glare is eliminated,vision fatigue and disturbance aroused by traditional streetlight and also can improves the safety of the driving.No delay start;no waiting .It can reach its normal light as soon as it is turned on.And avoid the long time start process of the traditional lights.
-Environment friendly.Does not have lead,hydrargyrum,and any other contamination.No pollution to the air .It's an excellent partner of the Solar panel system.It can exert many merits such as working with direct current and lower voltage.It is power saving and environment friendly.The connection of the sloar panel and LED light sources provide high reliability.


Technical parameters:


  -Item No.: 100W  LED Street Light   NSRL-009

 -LED power:100W

 -Work voltage:AC(85V-265V)/freqency(50-60Hz)DC(12V24V36V)

- Power Factor:>0.9

- Luminous Efficiency:80-100lm/w

- Efficiency of the Power Supply:>90%

- Beam Angle:160°

- Color Rendering Index:Ra>80

- Color Temperature:2700k-7000k

- Life Span:>50000Hrs

- Net Weight:12kg

- Size:660*270*173mm 

The relevant product parameters:

Product Name NSRL-650-60W-60 NSRL-E40-60W-54 NSRL-660-100W-1 NSRL-850-120W-120
Wattage 650-60W E40-60W 660-100W 850-120W
Beam Angle 120° 150° 150° 120°
Light Source/Count 60pcs BridgeLux LED 54pcs BridgeLux LED 1pcs 100W Epivalley LED 120pcs BridgeLux LED
Lamp Base 2 PIN wires E40 E39 2 PIN wires 2 PIN wires 
Power consumption 67W ±5% 67W ±5% 113W ±5% 130W ±5%
Luminous flux 4800lm ±10% 4800lm ±10% 8000lm ±5% 9600lm ±5%
Color Temperature Standard Cool white: 5500~6700K
Natural white: 4000~5000K
Warm white: 2700~3500K
Input voltage 85-265VAC,277VAC 85-265VAC,277VAC 85-265VAC 85-265VAC,277VAC
LED Emitter Life  50,000 hours
Replacement  HPS 180W HPS 180W HPS 300W HPS 350W
Application Outdoor using, such as tunnels,road,squares,buildings, parks,etc..
Size 650mm * 398mm* 126mm Dia 105mm * 285mm 660mm*270mm*170mm 850mm * 398mm* 126mm
Operating temperature -40~45℃

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