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9W Dimming LED Light Bulbs

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Product Abstract:

Wattage:9W Base:E27 E26 B22 Luminous flux:700Lm

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Product Description

9W Dimming LED Corn Light 9W

9W Dimming LED Light Bulbs
Item No: NSCL- 002 9W



1. Energy saving high power LED light to replace the conventional CBL bulb 45W
2. Size: Dia62mm * 102mmDimming 9W E27 LED Corn Lamp
3. Power consumption: 9W
4. LED source: Straw hat LED,150 LEDs
5. Lamps type: E27 E26 B22 screwed base.
6. Iuput viltage: 90 - 120VAC / 200 - 240VAC
7. Color temperature:
1)Cold white: 5500~6700K
2)Natural white: 4000~5000K
3)Warm white: 2700~3500K
8. Lumen: 700lm, replace CBL 45W
9. Grade of defence: Ip40
10. Sturdy PCB Housing, warehouse, indoor lighting, indoor basketball court, street landscape.
11. Integrated Heat-Sinking Design

Features & advantages:

1. Beam Angle: 360 degree
2. It's major to replace the CBL with screwed lamp base directly.
3. 80% more energy saving compared with conventional street light, CBL, Incandescent light.
4. Estimated lifespan: >50, 000 hours
5. Pure white color/Warm white color, high CRI with great directionality
6. Fast turn on, no warm-up or cold start problems
7. Solve 4 difficulties for LED packaging, heat sinking, operational lifespan, luminous efficiency
8. Special surface design with arc, make sure the radiation diameter on the ground is accord with the standards for size.

Net Weight: 167g
Gross Weight: 251g


Each white box (7.5 X7.5 X 12)cm
120PCS in a large cartoon (55 X 43 X 36)cm


Only replace the traditional CBL or CFL by NS Dimmable LED Corn Light[NSCL-9W Dimming] ,then you can control the lamp's switch and adjust the brightness. There's no additional wiring to be installed,very simple and convenient.



1. There are 4 current levels in the switchingdimming operation:100% 75% 40% 25%.
2. No need SCR dimmers or remote control.
3.Environmental protection and energy saving.



Dimming 9W LED Corn Lamp

The relevant product parameters:


Product Name NSCL-7W-133S3 NSCL-9W-150S3 NSCL-9W-140S3 NSCL-18W-315S3
Wattage 7W 9W 9W 18W
Beam Angle 360°      
Light Source/Count 133pcs 3528 SMD LEDs 150pcs 3528 SMD LEDs 140pcs 3528 SMD LEDs 315pcs 3528 SMD LEDs
Lamp Base G24 E27  E26  B22 E27  E26  GX24Q  GX24D  E27  E26  B22
Power consumption 8W ±10% 10W ±10% 10W +10% 20W ±10%
Luminous flux 680lm ±10% 900lm ±10% 900lm +10% 1700lm ±10%
Color Temperature Standard Cool white: 5500~6700K      
  Natural white: 4000~5000K      
  Warm white: 2700~3500K      
Input voltage 85-265VAC      
LED Emitter Life 50,000 hours       
Replacement  CFL 20W CFL 25W  CFL 25W  CFL 50W
Application Indoor using, such as lobby, office, supermarket,restaurant ,etc..
Size Dia 44mm * 113mm Dia 62mm * 100mm Dia 48mm * 127mm(E27) Dia 62mm * 190mm
Operating temperature -40~45℃      


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