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9W LED Corn Light Bulb

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Product Abstract:

Wattage:9W Base:E26 E27 B22 GX24Q Luminous flux:950Lm

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Product Description

9 Watt LED Corn Light E27 E26 Base 360° Right Angle Illumination


9W LED Warehouse Light produce more light per watt than conventional bulbs. The lighting efficiency of the new high power LED Warehouse Light bulbs is more than eight times than that of incandescent lights,five times that of metal halide lights and  twice as high as compact fluorescent lights. 80% more energy saving compared with conventional street light, CBL, Incandescent light. When installing  LED Warehouse Light, Must be removed Electronic Ballast, Avoid Electronic Ballast resonant high voltage, Lead to over-voltage over-current damage led lamps.

Product features


1.No UV and near-IR radiation in the light beam.

2.Very low energy consumption Lower thermal output.

3.Popular, ballast free, easy installation.

4.Not suitable for dimmers ,electronic switches and remote controls .

5.Can be easily fitted instead of ordinary light bulbs.



led corn lights 9w


 Electrical data


Rated wattage 9 W
Input Voltage  85-265 VAC(AC100-277V is available)
Operating frequency 50/60 Hz
Rated power factor λ  >0.9
Power Efficiency > 0.83
Humidity < 90%
Ambient temperature -40~45℃
Base (standard designation) E26 E27 B22 GX24Q
Replacement conventional lamp power 18W CFL
Dimmable NO
Certificate CE,RoHS


 Light technical data


Light Source/Count 140pcs 3528 SMD LED
Luminous flux 950 Lm
Color temperature

Warm White:2,700 ~ 3,500K        

Natural White:4,000~5,000K           

Cool    White: 5,500~6,700K

Color rendering index Ra Ra>70
Starting time  0S
LED Emitter Life  50000h
LED Lamp (Light Bulb) Life  35000h



 When the products are used in the outdoor lighting,ensure the space is waterproof and well ventilated.Pay attention to the size of the confined space.Ensure the lamp has enough space for heat dissipation which ensures lumen maintenance and extends its working life.


led corn lights 9w

The relevant product parameters:
Product Name
Beam Angle
Light Source/Count
133pcs 3528 SMD LED
150pcs 3528 SMD LED
140pcs 3528 SMD LED
315pcs 3528 SMD LED
Lamp Base
E27  E26 G24 GX24Q
E27  E26  B22
E27  E26  GX24Q  B22
E27  E26  B22 E39 E40
Power consumption
8W ±10%
10W ±10%
10W +10%
20W ±10%
Luminous flux
Color Temperature Standard
Cool white: 5500~6700K
Cool white: 5500~6700K 
 Cool white: 5500~6700K
Cool white: 5500~6700K 
Natural white: 4000~5000K
Natural white: 4000~5000K 
Natural white: 4000~5000K 
Natural white: 4000~5000K 
Warm white: 2700~3500K
Warm white: 2700~3500K 
Warm white: 2700~3500K 
Warm white: 2700~3500K 
Input voltage
LED Emitter Life
50,000 hours 
50,000 hours  
 50,000 hours 
50,000 hours  
CFL 18W 
CFL 18W 
Indoor using, such as lobby, office, supermarket,restaurant ,etc..
Dia 44mm * 113mm
Dia 44mm * 122mm
Dia 48mm * 105mm
Dia 62mm * 100mm
Dia 48mm * 127mm
Dia 48mm * 107mm
Dia 62mm * 190mm
Operating temperature


For large quantity orders and qualified applications this Series item can be manufactured to your specifications. Please email (click here) or call New Sunshine LED, (0086) 0755-28112606.

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