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LED Tube Lights

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T5 T8 T10 LED Tube Lights(60cm 90cm 120cm)


T5 T8 T10 LED Tube Lights, led fluorescent tubes working characteristics: high voltage up to a normal light, not only allowed by the current, voltage at both ends of the tube below the power supply voltage.

After months of use common fluorescent lighting will be black, lower ends,Our led Tube lamp wouldn't happen like that, it appears, environmental protection, energy consumption.Quick start, do not twinkle

Comparing with traditional fluorescent tubes, our LED Tube Light can save over 60% electricity cost. For example, our 8W, 16W, 21W LED tube lights can replace 16W, 32W and 40W traditional fluorescent tubes. LED tubes do not need ballast or starter. Benefits are as follow:

  • Work without ballast and starter. Save over 60% electricity cost in total.
  • T5 and T8 are both available.
  • T5,T8,T10,90cm,120cm,150cm
  • 0-100% Dimmable
  • Over 30,000 hours lifespan.
  • Input voltage can be 24V DC, 85-140/200-260V AC.
  • Eco-friendly 

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