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2012 LED lighting industry, the most noteworthy hotspots
2012-12-18 15:19:43


"In 2012, several aspects of the the LED packaging field, enterprise competition and layout, the latest technology research and development trend, the market price trends will be worth focusing on the direction of the entire LED industry.

GreenLightingShanghai organizing committee official said:" As the first half of 2012 the most influential in the country's industrial activity, we will pay close attention to the News of the domestic LED industry chain, and by the 2012 Shanghai International new light source & new energy lighting Exhibition and Forum (GreenLightingShanghai2012) authoritative, professional and international communication platform that was presented to industry professionals. " hot one: domestic LED packaging by IPO re-shuffle.

In 2012, the domestic LED packaging industry in the help of the capital markets, the production capacity will further release of intensified competitive pressures, and the first to be the last one eliminated is the number of technology and market weak capacity of small and medium-sized packaging factory.

 Domestic 1200-1500 packaging companies, with annual sales of more than 40 of the first camp of more than 100 million yuan, less than 400 the second camp Enterprise sales between 10 million-100 million yuan, accounting for The ratio is about 30%, most of the corporate sales less than 10 million yuan.

This is a far cry from the average of 10 billion in sales with eight package listed companies in Taiwan. Hot Second: the advantages of silicon in silicon-based LED LED was aroused more and more attention in the industry, because it is more LED heat capacity than conventional sapphire substrate, so the power can be made ??larger, Cree will focus on development silicon-based LED, it is currently the main problems is still relatively low yield, the cost is also high.

COB light source production cost is relatively low, heat dissipation, and has the characteristics of high packing density and higher optical density, easy to personalize the design, is one of the dominant direction of the future development of the package. Present problems is a light loss caused by the COB in reducing multiple refraction optical lens, and therefore room for improvement in the light extraction efficiency and heat gain, the production yield of the substrate can also be improved.

The flip-chip LED chip packaging is one of the goals of the development of the industry strongly. Flip chip chip production than the three-dimensional type is much simpler, and avoid out complex process, the feasibility of mass production increased dramatically, plus the backend chip technology assisted with the eutectic solid crystal mode greatly simplifies the flip-chip chip package The technology threshold in the future carbon reduction drive, flip-chip chip package will good solution.

High Voltage LED package is also a major focus. The advent of high-voltage products, is a whole new way of thinking to solve the solid-state lighting the excess energy depletion caused by the presence of the step-down circuit, and to assist the end consumer to reduce the purchase cost, the different regions in different voltage operating conditions can obtain a fast and convenient application.

Hot 3: LED package product upgrades, the price is expected to progressively cut by 2012, competition in the LED package products are mainly concentrated in two main battlefield of the LED backlight and LED lighting. LED components on the market in 2012, the mainstream LCD TV backlight Specifications Product successor will be the new specification (7030). As for the lighting in the area (5630) after the price dropped to a certain level, the proportion of applications in the LED lighting market will gradually increase will squeeze down to the (3014) (3020), LED packaging products is expected in lighting market.

The large number of normalization is the problem of depletion, and to assist the end consumer to reduce the purchase cost. , TV backlight (5630), a decline of about 4%, (7030) in the case of no production, the average offer does not appear to be very competitive, but if smooth postpartum sharp decline is expected by the end of 2012 is expected to ; notebook computer (NB) rise, makes the high brightness 0.8tLED largest decline of 8%; mobile phone part, due to mature specifications, the price decline of about 5 to 6%; high power LED parts vendors committed to the specifications to enhance and The old goods clearance, the overall average quoted price drop of about 10%; LCD backlight products, has a brand factory import high current drive 3014 package, can be reduced by about half the number of LED used; backlight Specifications (5630) tends to mature, and offer the decline has been making more and more lighting applications manufacturer (5630) to produce LED lamp or Bulb, estimates quoted decline in the first half of 2012 was about 10%.

Currently, including Cree, Philips, Nichia, Seoul Semiconductor, Epistar, three safety optoelectronics, Aetna technology, Ming Chi, Jinhong gas, ROHM, distant photoelectric, in as photoelectric, Zhejiang University three colors, l spectrum photoelectric, Everlight Hangzhou Branch photoelectric electromechanical Yangtze Branch Wanbang Inventronics China infinitesimal energy collective appearance of the 2012 Shanghai international new light source & New Energy Lighting Exhibition and Forum.

Hot Four: GreenLighting create business opportunities clever layout of the four area covering the whole industry chain: the LED show will set epitaxial wafer and chip area, the sapphire and materials area, manufacturing equipment and testing area and ideal lighting zone (IDEALLighting).

IDEALLighting perspective the forefront of innovation: let LED lighting display different lighting environments by simulating real hotels, clubs, museums, road, landscape, exhibitions, commercial interiors, architecture, rose to the height of the visual arts.

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