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Cooling module LED lights and new LED lights shipping case cooling modules
2010-11-17 18:48:51


09 LED lights the most talked about case cooling modules shipped

The global economy fell in 2009, poor economic situation, the industry look bad NB shipments. But in NB
As the main market maker over all the heat that led in the mini-notebook computers, the whole PC in 2009
There are more than 15% of body growth rates, and ultra-heat in the street all the shipments in 2009 will have grown substantially.

It is understood that, over the public in December 2008 consolidated revenue of 2.52 billion New Taiwan dollars, down nearly 2 higher than in November
As compared to 31.02 percent decline over the same period of 2007, total consolidated revenue in 2008 was 4.283 billion yuan of new units
Currency, declining 16.13% compared to 2007. However, general manager Ng Wai said the fourth quarter of 2008 market conditions do
Very well to the volume, the third quarter by about 2 to 3 into, because of the degree in 2008 season
Poor performance, the annual consolidated revenues of recession, Hui-ran, and estimated revenues of the first quarter of 2009
And shipments will continue to decline sequentially and then 2 to 3 percent, but the overall market down in the first half of 2009
End. In addition, for the outside world to see the bad performance of 2009 NB shipments, some legal and even forecast 2009 NB
Will show negative growth, Hui-ran that the economic downturn is a fact, but the situation is not so bad
In particular, NB shipment growth in the mini-notebook, driven, ultra-public still expects the market in 2009 is still NB
Shipped more than 15% growth rate.

Recently, concern over the public in the street outside cooling module shipments situation. However, that NG Wai, 2008
Cooling module shipments in street is not much about the level of close to 1 million units, but recent county and city governments in the Road
LED lamp lights have been gradually replaced the opening of tenders, is expected to be a substantial increase in shipments in 2009.

New LED lights thermal module: cooling to 40 ° of LED lights integrated cooling modules + LED die encapsulated

LED street lamp current cooling methods are: natural convection cooling, install a fan forced cooling, heat pipe
And the loop heat pipe cooling and so on. But they have many deficiencies, the fan cooling system recovery mode
Miscellaneous, low reliability, the life of the fan is often shorter than the chip, the industry has long been abandoned. San heat pipe
Although it is accepted by the industry hot, but the effect is more far-fetched. In addition there is a heat sink is cooling, but
Due to limited surface area, the effect is still unsatisfactory.

New LED lights cooling module solution features:

1, the thermal structure of the body to guide the heat to heat up as the central axis and around the distribution point, the entire
A structure known as the radioactive sunflowers cylindrical structure, to maximize the surface area is conducive to heat to the air

2, the heat sink of high heat using a special aluminum alloy, aluminum and other properties is the relative heat
Good metal, rich billion pass through the surface of special treatment, they are almost not corrode, life infinite

3, the innovative solution in the radiator by adding a special media center, using a physical
Principle of the heat quickly spread throughout the surface of the radiator shell lamp, and then cooling the material from the fin and the high
Air exchange to the heat away. This structure can be used to increase the length of the radiator to control the LED
Temperature, making LED temperature close to room temperature 30 degrees.

It can be seen from the figure, the lower junction temperature, attenuation performance and life better, the figure
Red dot is now the general integration of packaged high-power LED, a small yellow dot for the more stars decentralized power LED, green
Point of integration for the rich billion through high-power packaged LED lamps, this solution can reach 40 degrees, in theory,
Life span can reach 50 million hours.

"This new cooling structure can be truly life lumen more than a decade, by increasing the bulk
The length of heat, the program can be used in more than 1000 watts lights, searchlights, we are
Development of 400W, 600W, 800W, 1200W or more lights, searchlights, September Mitsuhiro exhibition will be
Will meet with you, "Cai Zhou added. It is reported that this solution can not only be used in LED lights,
Can also be used in other ultra-high-power LED lights, such as sports grounds, airports, docks, bridge lights, high
Golf course lighting, RGB stage lights, RGB landscape lights, Plaza lights, military searchlights and so on, they
Need good cooling performance.

Promising high-power packaged LED lights integrated in the lamp current market there are mainly two: more stars minor merits
Rate of high-power LED street lamps and an integrated combination of packaged LED lamps. Although the visual effects which is better, but
Is due to heat issues in order to Kingsun mainland China as the representative of the mainstream manufacturers have opted for LED lights
Combination of multiple satellites low power LED lamps, LED lamps do integrated packaged only a few at home and abroad.

Combination of low power LED stars more easily solve the heat lamp, a single chip package with high lumens. But
Poor visual effects, stars, road shadow overlap, likely to cause the driver's visual fatigue or vertigo,
And the lamp lighting circuit port circuit system more complex, less reliable; circuit is not easy to achieve transfer
Light, easy to damage, power conversion rate 85%.

High-power LED lights integrated packaged good visual effect, a reflective cup of shelter, avoid direct eye
As the light points, but the high heat requirements, a number of lumens value of the chip package is currently relatively
Low. In the light color and lighting quality, integrated package-type LED light source demonstrated a unique advantage: the same
Lamps will not light color uniformity to the light source emits light in the light evenly through the plane
Thorough, with good visual comfort, the lamp will not be disturbed ghosting combined, by a single
A driver drives, ports less reliability, the internal circuit arrangement of light source does not appear in the electromagnetic
Interference; can be easily achieved Promise dimming function; power conversion rate of 95% and so on.

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