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Cooling of high-power LED lighting technology
2012-12-18 15:23:04


Buyer's Guide "Recommended download of the latest OFweek" 2012 China LED industry Heat LED lights to be focused on solving the problem, before this is a heat conduction process is a key. Used in the traditional mode of heat to the thermal conductivity of the material is thermal grease, thermal grease will cost economy, but in the large area of painting, there is a big problem, can not smear uniform. The the cooling copper deposited board and the heat sink or metal bracket lamp, metal shell contact, now many LED lamp manufacturers use soft silicone thermal conductive sheet for my company, can pave the way of large-area, easy to operate.

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Thinnest 0.5mm thickness Select, 1.0mm, 1.5mm ... 5mm thickness, the thickest can reach 16mm, compression touched amount is 20% -25%, and the heat can be efficiently transmitted to the heat sink member. more use, information and a test sample contact me.

uses an additional thermal silica films, is also a good a choice. Shenzhen Star Technology is a professional independent research and development, production and sales of thermal interface materials manufacturers, in order to meet the use requirements of the domestic LED lighting industry, Shenzhen Star company combined with the cooperation of the LED industry experience to understand the characteristics of the cooling requirements of the LED lamps and structure targeted research and development and production of LED thermal silica (model SP150) and put on the market to use.

SP150 thermal silica has good thermal conductivity (heat conduction the coefficient for 1.99w/mk) the SP160 thermal conductivity 2.75w/mk. Soft high compression ratio, the surface self-adhesive to make installation easier conditions, superior performance and weatherability and resistance to high pressure products technical characteristics.

Use by the manufacturers of the industry, the effect of heat transfer, reduce the internal temperature of the device is long-term work, a substantial increase in the service life of the LED lamps to reduce the loss of light and heat energy, light attenuation down to a certain range, and enhance the LED lamps the performance ( such as life, lumens, using ambient temperature, etc.).

LED thermal silica in high-power LED lamps are widely used in the power range from 18W to 200W range; such as: LED street lights, spotlights, floodlights, tunnel lights, buried lights, wall lights, dyeing, as the lights and so on. Fire retardant performance meets the requirements of UL 94V-0, and in accordance with the EU SGS environmental certification.

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