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Elaborate on the trend of 2010 to lead the LED energy-saving market
2010-11-11 12:01:49


       LED lighting industry in 2009 did not bring the global financial crisis, the negative impact of government
Policy driven, with LED luminous efficiency improvement and overall product cost down the impact of factors such as
Sound, LED lighting industry all the way to popularity. At the same time the green economy, has become a global low carbon economy
Focus; market for solar / wind power and other new energy sources, energy saving products, demand and at
Increase with age, which also brought the electronic components industry the opportunity to change and innovation, but also expand the relevant functions
Rate device, drive circuit, power modules, thermal management, connector products for development.

      Illumination light

      City of ten thousand in ten, led lighting, street lights and 24-hour nationwide continuous use of the tunnel
First replace the lamp as a key project, also launched several popular metro cities LED energy-saving fluorescent
Project. The dual technology and market driven, creating a number of emerging LED lighting industry chain enterprises, according to
Latest data show that the number of related enterprises, Shenzhen LED more than 700 from 2007, the rapid development of the
The 09 years, more than 2,000. Electronic Components and Technology Network has been concerned witnessed the development of LED industry,
Launched in 2009 continued with the LED lighting LED lighting power supply design community and a large platform section, as
User devoted colorful LED feast.

      Estimated 2010 to 2011 will be a fast-growing LED lighting business two years with the popularity of
Head. In the long-term use efficiency, energy saving and environmental factors, driven by the commercial grade high lumen output
LED lighting systems will be substantial growth in 2010, such as parking lot lighting, office lighting, factory
Lighting, warehouse lighting and other areas. Besides high brightness LED and high-throughput applications, another key growth
The market will be flat-panel LCD TVs, laptops and notebook computer monitors in the large size
LCD backlight. Research institutes have predicted, LED industry is about to enter a new expansion, the next three
Will be more than 15% of double-digit growth rate. This growth will be derived from more high-brightness (HB) and
Into a series of new high-throughput next-generation LED lighting applications. Meanwhile, LED street lamp light source efficiency has
Up to 132lm / W, light efficiency of the whole 70-80lm / W; cost, LED street lamps have been compared in the high pressure sodium
Are about the same, predictable, light-emitting efficiency and lower costs for LED lights in various areas in 2010
Domain flourish. Electronic Components Outlook 2010LED Lighting Technology Network Highlights: LED TV LED lights
There will be a great development.

      Advance of the lighting industry has not just stop there, luminous efficiency of more than 100 lumens per
Watt high-throughput development of LED bulbs and LED to allow the inverter in the case of no use to pay
Innovative design flow of electricity, is driving LED closer to the mainstream general illumination market is used.
iSuppli predicts, LED light bulbs will be true in 2010, residential and enterprise general illumination into the city
Field. There is no doubt, LED general lighting the long-term future lies.

      Lighting industry continued to take the heat, in addition to LED luminous efficiency improvement and cost factors in the decline
In addition, the main thrust is that the governments of energy-saving environmental protection industry, the increasing emphasis on new energy and large
Force support. Both the 2009 World Climate Conference in Copenhagen, concluded, or the current world in many countries
Home an important measure to address the financial crisis, support the development of new energy has always been of decisive importance to

      All indications are that the new energy will be a low carbon economy based on modern technological revolution. Can
To anticipate 2010 will be the new energy development around the year. Future new energy industry value chain
Collection will focus on new energy and new energy, more efficient collection and open up new applications of new energy sources will
For semiconductor manufacturers to develop new value growth. Such as LED lighting, solar / wind power, electricity
Moving cars and more new applications.

      Electronic Components and Technology Network order to explore new energy sources by 2010 a new highlight on the electronic components
And new applications, solar / wind power and other fields of technological progress and market demand for electricity caused by
Changes in demand for sub-devices and the latest challenges.


      Wind power: 2010 New Opportunities / New Challenges

      The various types of renewable energy, from the current technical maturity and feasibility of the construction point of view, the wind
Can be most competitive. In the long run, the global wind energy industry is quite optimistic about the prospects, governments are not
Off the introduction of favorable policies to encourage renewable energy development, the industry, a huge market opportunity.
Deutsche Bank recently released a research report, the global wind power development is the rapidly expands
Period, wind energy industry will maintain an annual growth rate of 20%, 2015, the industry output will increase to
5 times the current level. Such a huge demand and market for semiconductor companies to provide new opportunities
And challenges.

      Because wind energy is a very unstable source of energy, wind turbine output voltage, frequency and power
Very unstable, so do not directly deal with supply network. From wind power to the Grid
Process, rectifier, inverter, thyristor, protection devices, transformers and other devices to play the heavy
To the role.

      One can achieve with the existing national power grid is usually large-scale wind farms mainly to
The following components: wind turbines, rectifiers, inverters, controllers, thyristors, with
Step devices, lightning protection devices, transformers, connectors and other control systems.

      Rectifier which is used to wind turbines convert alternating current into direct current sent to Feel
Can reduce energy loss during transmission. Near the grid side rectifier inverter off and then
To the DC power into a grid using the sine wave, and then through the thyristor and the synchronizer to ensure
Synchronized with the grid generated by AC and the AC sine wave, and the electricity grid.

      Usually by the IGBT inverter module, freewheeling diodes, IGBT gate driver, driver protection
Protection, filter capacitors, choke coils, radiators, isolators and MCU composition. Wind Turbine Efficiency
And directly related to the efficiency of the inverter, and then in turn depends on the energy efficiency of components, so the domestic electricity
Sub-components company in the inverter market, there is a huge opportunity. In addition, wind power application requirements to contractors
Current in amperes by the thousands and thousands of high voltage high power IGBT devices or modules, and they will be required
Must have high reliability, which for the production of high reliability, high-power devices provide a new
Energy services business.

      In order to absorb more energy, hub height and with increasing impeller diameter, also increased the relative
The risk of being struck by lightning, lightning into the nature of the wind turbine generator to run the most harmful
A disaster. Lightning can cause the release of enormous energy wind turbine blade damage, generators
Insulation breakdown, burning and other control components. Therefore, wind turbine lightning protection solution seems very
Important, lightning protection devices against over-voltage shock is generally the gas discharge tube (GDT), thyristors, TVS II
Diode or metal oxide varistors (MOV), and the impact of anti-recoverable PolySwitch overcurrent device
Piece or one-time fuses. 2009 Electronic Components Technology Network launched in circuit protection seminar brought together
The industry's best circuit protection enterprises, while providing a complete set of circuit protection solutions.

      Between the inverter and power in general need to increase the transformer, because the general high voltage power grid
Tens of thousands of volts, such a high voltage inverter can not be done, requiring a large step-up transformer,
Large Transformer domestic enterprises started earlier, technology and price advantages are obvious, such as Tianwei change and other countries
Within the enterprise.

      Reduce the cost of birth of the solar energy industry expansion

      As a new energy to another big market for solar applications, according to 2010 estimates TRI
Market demand for solar power generation in China will reach 620 million U.S. dollars, up 138.5% of the annual growth rate can also see
Out of its development potential.

      Hard to promote a broad market makers reduce the cost of solar power, the most simple way
Method is to increase the conversion efficiency of solar cells.

      Solar photovoltaic conversion efficiency but to achieve the majority of commercial production does not exceed
20%, although with much room for improvement, but was limited by restrictions on the basis of material progress of the upgrade is
Slow. Look at the core of the application of AC power generation components: solar panels, solar charge control
Devices, batteries and inverters, semiconductor manufacturers the opportunity to focus on charging and inverter link.

      Since the input of solar energy photovoltaic power generation system unstable, so in general need to configure
Battery system to work. Solar cells produce direct current into the battery before storage, to
A certain threshold in order to supply lighting loads. A direct impact on the characteristics of the battery system efficiency,
Reliability and price. The choice of battery capacity generally follow the following principles: First, to full
Adequate lighting at night under the premise of the solar modules during the day and store the energy as much as possible down at the same time
Also able to store a predetermined consecutive rainy days night lighting needs of the power.

      In the solar system, the inverter into alternating current to direct current, when the lighting load for the DC
Without having to use (such as LED lighting), there are already solar-powered LED lighting system directly, as opposed
Believe this trend will be more applications in the future. The lighting load must be made for the exchange of load
Use. Taking into account the low conversion efficiency of solar photovoltaic, which underscores the important conversion efficiency inverter
To. Solar inverter power electronics selection for minimum loss of the inverter and the highest
Efficiency is critical to the solar inverter applications, the insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT) can
Provide more than the other benefits of power components, including high current carrying capacity to voltage instead of current
Control, and can reverse parallel diode and IGBT with, how to correct for the solar inverter
Applications selected IGBT, is an engineer in the design of the inverter to improve the conversion efficiency of challenges.

      In addition, most stand-alone solar power equipment in remote and harsh working environment, which requires
Inverter can be used in harsh environment and less work to maintain long-term stability under the conditions, many
Inverter also added a short circuit protection, undervoltage protection, overcurrent, reverse polarity protection and lightning

      Company expects 2012 global inverter for solar energy systems from 2008 shipments
A growth of 723,329 during 950 million. Broad application of solar system need to use more
Battery and inverter, which is engaged in power supply design and component manufacturers to bring great opportunity.

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