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Fully into the era of LED lighting
2012-12-18 15:28:50


Diverse and beautiful urban space and landscape environment for people to provide a wealth of material and spiritual life, the lighting is like a sculptor with a rich language of lighting the city night landscape shape the crystallization of the history, heritage and culture, and for people to viewing and use.


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With the accelerated process of urbanization in China, the image of the city at night has also become a showcase of the city modern civilization important measures, local governments will accelerate the construction of urban landscape lighting to enhance the image of the city at night in the government work plan.

At the same time, our landscape lighting standard specifications have been put forward, but also to promote the sustainable development of the landscape lighting industry in China. However, urban landscape lighting, sustainable development is not easy work, you need to proceed from the details on the various aspects of the planning, design, construction, management, people-oriented, application of science, emphasis on art, energy saving and environmental protection.

This objective demand, the development of the LED provides technical support for the sustainable development of landscape lighting. LED from the early 1990s began the application, but limited to the technical bottleneck until recent years with the development of technological breakthrough formula, change the pattern of the global lighting industry emerging light source, and by projection, LED gangbusters like in the global lighting market quickly spread.

LED lighting products with excellent color performance, change light discoloration very strong ability to control, small size, easy to hide its longevity, energy-saving, stable properties, are used in the landscape lighting market, quickly led to the rapid growth of the lighting market , and help landscape lighting to become the largest market share in the field of LED lighting applications area branch.

A major disadvantage of the traditional landscape lighting is not very good expression of the building itself, can not render high-quality, artistic sense of landscape lighting. LED colorful, the theoretically only LED light source can completely cover all saturated colors in the CIE chromaticity curve, namely LED combination of phosphorus can produce almost any color; LED low-voltage DC power supply, dimming convenient, so has the incomparable advantage of other light sources in the field of landscape lighting.

According to statistics, China's LED lighting market in 2010 reached 126 billion yuan in output value. Expected 2011 global LED landscape lighting market, the market is expected to total 130 billion yuan, which the lamp costs account for about 50% in value of about 65 billion yuan.

In accordance with the terms of 40 yuan / W, the global LED landscape lighting electricity consumption in 2011 was 1,625,000, according to the LED lamps saving 50%, if all replaced with LED lamps, saving 1,825,000,000 in 2011.

Olympics Water Cube venues night lighting project in 2008, is the first large-scale application of LED landscape lighting and intelligent control, and also set a good example for the global landscape lighting market. 2010 Shanghai World Expo, a concentrated expression of the LED technology provides a broad platform, LED landscape lighting is the first large-scale use of success stories. 1030000000 LED chips Expo area, indicates that LED landscape lighting technology has matured, landscape lighting has been first to enter the LED era.

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