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High power LED lamps and lanterns 10 troubleshooting
2010-09-02 10:39:20


1 what is LED?

Answer: LED Emitting Diode, English is one that Light Emitting Diode, is a kind of semiconductor devices, it is the solid luminescence using solid semiconductor chips as luminescence materials, with positive ends when the voltage, semiconductor compound cause photon emission occurred carriers and can be directly LED Light. Red, yellow, blue, green, blue, purple, orange, white Light. The first commercial Diode produces in 1960. Its basic structure is a electroluminescent materials in the semiconductor, with a wire rack, then around sealed with epoxy resin, protective effect of internal core, the seismic performance. LED

2 why LED light source is the fourth generation (green lighting)?

Answer: according to the classification of the electric light emitting mechanism, the first generation of light: resistance. The second generation like incandescent light source: arc and gases such as sodium. Third generation like fluorescent phosphors illuminant: the fourth light: solid. Like LED chip.

3 the LED emitting mechanism and principle of work?

Answer: leds is Ⅲ by Ⅳ - family compounds such as GaAs (gallium arsenide gallium, GaP (phosphating, GaAsP (P) semiconductor gallium arsenide, its core is made of PN junction. So it is generally P - "I N characteristics, namely is a guide, reverse deadline, breakdown characteristic. In addition, under certain conditions, it also has the luminescence properties in positive voltage. By N area, electronics, inject P by P zone injection hole N area. Other areas of minority carriers into ShaoZi (part), with the majority carrier (assumption) composite luminescence.

4 what LED the optical properties?

Answer: (1) LED the light, neither monochromatic light, but also not broadband balance between 2. LED light-source like point light source and points. 3. The color of leds with space and different direction. 4 constant-current operating under the influence of LED WenJiangLie positive voltage VF.

5 what are some ways LED?

Answer: because of their different colour, LED the chemical composition and different:

If the red: aluminum - indium phosphide gallium nitride - -

Green and blue: gallium nitride - indium -

White and other colors are used by three colors RGB appropriate proportion.

LED semiconductor manufacturing process is similar to the precision machining, but as semiconductor, currently costs remains high.

6 all sorts of color is light wavelengths?

Answer: the colors used at present domestic super bright LED to the spectral wave distribution 636nm 460 - by short wavelengths, in order to grow to blue, green, yellow, yellow, yellow orange, red color leds. Common several typical peak wavelength is: blue, 505nm 470nm -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- blue-green, green, yellow, 525nm 590nm, orange, red -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 615nm 625nm.

7. What kinds of packaging has LED?

Answer: the packaging mode: 1, the foot type (2) LED encapsulation, technologies and surface assembly (patch) type (SMT), 3 - LED, plate chip straight mounted (COB), 4, LED encapsulation system encapsulated (SiP) LED 5 chip packages bonding and chip bonding.

8. What LED several classification method?

Answer: (1) by luminescence tubes emitting light colors

According to the luminescence tubes emitting light colors can be divided into red, orange, yellow, green and green, green subdivide standard and pure green), etc. In addition, some light emitting diode contains two or three kinds of color chip.

According to the light emitting diode mixed or not in mixed scattering, nonferrous or colorless, above all sorts of color leds can also be divided into non-ferrous transparent, colorless transparent, non-ferrous scattering and colorless scattering four types. Scattering of light emitting diode and to do with lights.


9 the production process steps LED?

Answer: 1

A) cleaning: using ultrasonic cleaning PCB or LED stents and drying.

B) outfit wears: the core tube in LED (wafer) bottom electrode saddled silver glue after the expansion, will expand the core tube (wafer) placed in the thorn in the microscope table, crystal crystal pen with spurs will be installed in the core tube one PCB or LED stents corresponding welding plate, followed by sintering silver glue solidified.

C) pressure welding aluminum wire or gold: electrode connected to the machine will be LED to the core tube, inject current guidelines. Leds mounted directly on the PCB, generally USES aluminium wire welding. (white TOP - LED to make gold welder)

D) package: through the glue, LED by epoxy will protect the core tube and brazing wire. In PCB glue, after curing colloid shape, the strict request directly relates to the brightness of the back light products. This procedure will bear some phosphor (white LED).

E) welding: if the back light is using SMD - LED, or other packages, has LED in the assembly process, need to be LED welding PCB.

F) cutting film: use punch die cutting back light for various membrane, reflective film diffusion.

G) assembly: according to your drawings, various materials will be back light manual install the correct position.

H) test: check back light thephotoelectricity parameter and the light is good uniformity.

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