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Highlight the advantages and versatile LED lighting
2012-12-18 15:12:58


With high brightness LED, is an epoch-making technological innovations. The issue of multi-color beam LED has been everywhere, LED is gradually changing our living and working environment. Entry lighting, LED lighting is replacing incandescent, energy saving lamps, lighting era can be said to hoodwink the achievements.

led warehouse lights

The outstanding advantage of the wide range of uses to the New York Times Square may not forget, a high-ranking Coca-Cola advertising screen is clear, colorful, lifelike computer-controlled image is constantly changing. Fact, back in the early 90s of the last century, the Munich Airport in Germany as well as France and Spain on the highway billboards or road lights using LED lighting, do not climb open light boxes maintenance, open ground light pipe light source box, you can replace the light source.

LED glamorous, a lot of advantages. In addition to long life, low energy consumption, LED greater strengths three things: First, the application is very flexible and can be made into a variety of points, lines, surfaces in the form of short, light products; environmental benefits of better, because the spectrum no ultraviolet and infrared, neither heat nor radiation, typical of green lighting, and recyclable waste, no pollution;

Third extremely easy to control light, different combinations of light color, as long as the adjustment of the current can be freely adjusted changing timing control circuit, the better to achieve a variety of dynamic change. LED not only can be used for large advertising display, can also be used in the construction and transportation lighting. LED night lighting as a key urban construction, sketched the outline can flourish and be able to simulate any color, luminous flux loss and maintenance costs are also greatly reduced.

Due to the small size, LED is suitable for the production line lamps, LED made ??floor lamps, the direction, trails and lanes, safe, reliable and durable. In the night sky of the city, perhaps the most enchanting on a number of neon, neon is the most easily damaged, we often see, the the neon display screen and text always missing arm out legs.

If using LED to replace neon display signs not only avoid incomplete regret, but also with the desire realm. Initially, LED only as miniature lights, computers, audio and video recorders and other high-end equipment applications, with the large-scale integrated circuits and computer technology continues to progress, the LED display is the rapid rise, as a new generation of media, LED has become a beautiful landscape of the modern city, and are widely used in a variety of public places.

In recent years, LED gradually extended to the field of general lighting from the securities market to the stock machine, from laptops to digital cameras, from the PDA to the mobile phone, from indoor lighting to car headlights, LED everywhere. The speed of response of the individual elements of organic LED display is 1000 times the LCD screen in bright light can also take care not mistaken, and adapt to the low temperature of minus 40 degrees.

It is reported that the foreign company is developing a head Pirates of the viewfinder, the fingernail-size high-resolution organic LED display into which wear this translucent HMD, pilots can effortlessly view a variety of flight data ; ongoing surgeon eye surgery without leaving the operating table, will be able to see the complexity of the diagnostic images; flight mechanic in the maintenance of aircraft caused the eyes to see the corresponding component maintenance manual.

More exciting endless wear glasses made ??of organic LED display can also be happy to see the movies, viewing angle can reach 160 degrees. LED to illuminate the future in a modern metropolis, the high-power gas discharge lamp, flood lighting, neon signs, light box advertising light source of light pollution, causing serious harm to the human and natural environment, as well as astronomical observation. 21st century solution to light pollution, the pressing topics breakthrough lighting technology, LED emerged, promising.

The emergence of a white LED, LED from the identified function substantive step by step to the lighting functions. White LED closest to the Sun, more is better reflect the true color of the irradiated object, so, from a technical point of view, the white LED is undoubtedly the most state-of-the-art LED technology. White LED application market will be very extensive, but also to replace incandescent incandescent light bulbs and fluorescent lamps.

At present, the white LED has begun to enter the number of application areas, emergency lights, flashlights, flash, and other products have been brought forth. However, because the price is very expensive, and therefore difficult to spread. A set brightness equivalent to a 40 watt incandescent white LEDs, which sells for $ 220, the popularity of white LED prices fell, while the price dropped to a certain market size in the white LED must be possible, there is no doubt, both the integration ultimately depends on technological progress.

With the delisting of the incandescent lamp, high pollution problem of energy-saving lamps, LED lighting faces great opportunities. But the opportunity was good, but the real development of LED lighting in order, he is also the need to have a lot of problems to solve, further technological improvements, cost reduction of the price, and the relevant policies and the establishment of standards, and so on.

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