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Interior decoration lamps and lanterns skills
2010-08-09 17:15:58


In recent years, many families in selecting lamps and lanterns and light is often ignored when the daylighting of the reasonable needs, lamplight design into colorful, romantic and luxury.

Light pollution is myopic main reasons

Little imagine, colorful lights in addition to people outside the great eyesight harm, still can interfere with the central nerve function of senior. Infants and children of light pollution influence is bigger, stronger light will weaken the infant's eyesight, affect children's vision.

The relevant health experts say, myopia is the main cause of visual environment, rather than using eye habits.

Create environmental, health, energy saving and elegant, comfortable "green light", besides beautiful, safe, economic principles, consider the following principles:

Functional requirements. According to different space, the different situations, different object choice different lighting and lamps and lanterns, and ensure proper intensity of illumination and brightness. Example: the bedroom wants to study and warm, bright and practical kitchen, toilet to warm, soft.

Light not flashing

Coordinate requirement. In the selection and design of light and lamps and lanterns, one is to consider the lamp and furniture line coordination. Choose lighting should be considered, and the interior decoration style and furniture style harmony. The colour of lamps and lanterns, modelling, style, and the interior decoration and furniture to match the style, each other echo. Gingerbread lamp, rather than brocade lily.

Second is the attention of lamps and lanterns and space of bedroom size, total acreage, indoor height, choose lamps and lanterns coordinate conditions of the size, type and how much.


3 it is to want to notice the cool color coordination, namely, the warm color depending on the purpose.

Scientific and reasonable. To avoid dazzle light, to protect vision, improve the efficiency of work and study, Reasonable distribution of light, the light to illuminate the direction and strength, avoid to direct one's eyes. Maintain stable illume, light when dark when bright or not.

Small family decorate

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