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LED lighting products in China, Guangzhou Asian Games is lit
2010-11-30 21:12:19
LED lighting products in China, Guangzhou Asian Games is lit

 Outstanding achievements of China for many years into the project support -  New Sunshine Manufacturing Co., Ltd assumed "LED lighting products", following the Olympic Games in Beijing, Shanghai World Expo will use the main stadium lighting project great success this year after the contract energy management model to participate in the tenth session of the Guangzhou Asian Games, New Sunshine Project lighting as lighting suppliers, in addition to commitments outside the renovation project in Guangzhou Asian Games and Asian Games opening and closing ceremonies, including the construction of the main venue of the sea, sand, Asia Yuncheng, Olympic Sports Center, Guangzhou International Sports Performing Arts Center, the Tianhe Sports Center, Velodrome, and other lighting projects in the Asian Games project.

New Sunshine Lighting The venue for the Games of the compared products and services provided by the Beijing Olympic Games and Shanghai World Expo will be more refined in detail the whole project is divided into early, middle and late three parts: pre-service including the provision of technical advice, site survey, design, product introductions; interim services, including the rigorous selection of products, field testing, operation and demonstrations, etc., and fully guarantee the quality of products and construction; post-guarantee services, including commissioning and maintenance, regular maintenance and timely replacement and provides accessories, ensure to the best possible products to serve the community.

As New Sunshine Lighting The major projects undertaken by the Asian Games, the main venue for sea, sand lighting design, the company museum under the Asian Games, "based on Chinese culture, integration of Asian culture, highlighting the Lingnan culture" position, close to the the integration of the Asian Games concept, with the Beijing Olympic Stadium Bird's Nest Night lighting of the accumulated experience, the "sea, sand," designed for the stage by the sea, sand, through the lighting design, combining it with water uniform style, to adequately highlight the Guangzhou water culture. New Sunshine Lighting is also general director of the Asian Games under the requirements of the temporary lighting and other lighting for interactive entertainment is one of the light will be the highlight of a very out of color.

In addition, New Sunshine Lighting has trained a number of full-time staff for the Asian Games venues to provide effective and timely services for the Asian Games held successfully make the greatest efforts, I believe the moment in the opening and closing ceremonies, the Bright light is not the only company in the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and strong strength of technology innovation more bright.

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