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LED lighting, the fourth revolutionary history
2009-10-14 11:06:45
LED lighting, the fourth revolutionary history

Leds is a glowing semiconductor devices, considered as the 21st century the most promising one of high technology products, in the cause of revolution, but also lighting to promote energy conservation and emission reduction, making a significant contribution to environmental protection. With the government's vigorously promote and global industrial arrangement, the future landscape lighting transfer, will be LED dance generation.

What LED by the landscape lighting beauty, favour?

(1) the LED lighting is huge energy-saving, single LED the power only 0.03-0.06 W, and driving voltage (1.5-3.5 V), small current (15-18mA), formed in the same lighting effect of the situation, only one-eighth of consumption of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp of one half. In LED light source is used to replace the ordinary lamp and fluorescent lighting, consumption of huge landscape is very obvious energy saving effect, and has a strong market competitiveness. And LED light source is the life of incandescent lamp, fluorescent 100 times of 20-30 times, frequent repairs, plus its rich colors and good control, urban landscape lighting is used to. Now, LED by 50% of the growth rate is replaced traditional illuminant, will cause in the history of lighting fourth revolution, greatly improving human survival environment, alleviating global increasingly serious energy crisis.

(2) LED light source structure light (epoxy encapsulation), small size, can adapt various geometrical dimensions and different dimensional size, belong to solid illuminant, don't inflate, does not exist, don't need gas seal glass shell, impact resistance, resistance to shock, not easy and broken, determines its strength and rigidity of lamps and lanterns than other electric light source of demand. And cold light, LED is controllable, fast response time, can relapse frequently bright, not tired.

(3) LED light colour, pure, rich color, can be arbitrary than the evolution of colored metal halide lamp, its adornment sex. LED light source is exquisite, make its flexibility is very good, can form of dot, line, face, ball shape. According to the landscape lighting decoration purpose, LED light-source technology, microcomputer intelligent control through the changes can be made for dot, line, face, and other forms, including: flicker (flashing) control, suitable for forming of dot, line "," Gradient (change) control, suitable for soft face "," Change control, suit (jump form of vertical, horizontal movement pattern. Above three change can be formed the sphere rotation movement, also can achieve single lamp and control group of light control.

Anyway, compared with other ordinary light, LED light-source a mercury-free, energy saving and environment without electromagnetic interference, without harmful rays resistance, impact resistance, so, vibration, although landscape lighting source mainly fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps and incandescent lamp, neon light, but will be LED by its unique advantage has entered into the landscape lighting market, and gradually replacing the landscape lighting source.

The landscape lighting applications in LED the very wide, along with the social progress and economic development, human life quality pursue, landscape lighting is immeasurable development space. At present, according to conservative estimates, only domestic landscape lighting market scale is in 200 million yuan of above, conventional landscape lamp as courtyard lamp, walks, lawn lamp, wall lamp, building LunKuoDeng, small shoot the light, FenDao road, ground lamp, underwater lamp etc, all can use LED light source. We have reasons to believe that, with the technology progress, LED industry application scale, the further reduce cost, LED light will become the main source of landscape illumination.

Of course, the LED not shortcomings.

(1) is "too", LED to the excellent heat, supporting the constant-current drivers, solutions, and improper use, support to light attenuation even "dead lights" phenomenon.

(2) individual LED low power, in order to gain power, need more parallel.

(3) LED the colour developing index is low. Under the irradiation in the color that LED to the true, no incandescent lamp come from spectral distribution, belongs to the technical problems.

(4) used in the family, will be LED to improve the efficiency of current transformer is still fails to reach the level of technology.

Of course, these LED the soft rib and the boards, but in the landscape lighting is a stumbling block to the market, and the small in the landscape lighting can prevent LiBingMoMa market, aggressive steps.

- LED landscape lighting engineers and designers need to start a ShiCheng sunny

Although, in landscape LED lighting is obvious, but the landscape lighting does not simply technical parameters, as the city is beautiful and promote the new carriers are, the landscape lighting should be the perfect combination of art and technology, indispensable. Among them, based on technology, art, and technical support to art is in perfect technology on the basis of the perfect, like a vigorous plants, a beautiful flower.

Therefore, to make modern landscape lighting reach the predetermined requirement, engineers and designers need to cooperate closely, excel.

Leds landscape lighting should be made good progress, not only need to improve lighting hardware technology itself, still need to strengthen urban landscape lighting designers have the deep understanding of the city, including the historic background, the humanities, arts, with keen insight, need more of DuiJing lighting designers with light, make full analysis and application of the original taste and deep appreciation of art, thereby bamboo in chest, long sleeve into dancing.

In the landscape lighting design and installation LED the process, engineers and designers must pay attention to the following:

(1) the landscape lighting goal is to make landscape lighting and landscape, organization and coordination landscape architectural features, because of the organization to beautify the environment. At the same time, should pay attention to the humanity and intelligent. Landscape lighting art must through light and lighting, can be given life energy.

(2) used in the landscape lighting lamps and lanterns, design should be flexible LED, daytime beautification, night art lighting. The future of the landscape lighting, will jump out of simple gou bian, running, combined with the advantages of stereotypes, LED provides high quality and high lighting engineering and products. For example, using LED lamps and lanterns, draw in building construction or on the facade embedded LED lamps and lanterns, through the light into electrical design, or with small LED project-light lamp lighting buildings or structures of the local facade, etc. In the light of brightness and through their position to draw the outline of the facade form or decorate lighting, besides should be considered as the building as object is suitable size and style using this kind of lighting method, still should make the brightness of lamps and lanterns and light object surface brightness have a certain relationship. Namely, in addition to let people see the bright LED lamps and lanterns is composed of design besides, still should make the viewer awareness building general form and form, and won't let some lone bright line or points to inexplicably suspended in the air, also not the inflexible facade all light.

(3) by adhering to the building of the brightness of the light and design to construct the night, which should be paid attention to when the landscape control surface brightness and lamps and lanterns lighting lamps and lanterns with the viewer view direction, because the building belongs to the city streets at night, people will scale from many of the position and direction to watch, i.e., there will be a lot of viewing distance and direction of sight, therefore, need in design and installation of lamps and lanterns of lamps and lanterns of comprehensive consideration, let the light beam is very concentrated LED the lamps and lanterns made in various Angle and distance to provide satisfactory landscape. So, in the project is carried out formally money for landscape lighting effects test, lighting project is very necessary.

(4) in the landscape lighting project of using LED products should also on economy, considering the reliability and advanced technology, the construction cost of maintenance and management, and other related issues, improve the reliability of lamps and lanterns. Although current LED lighting technology has gradually matured, but heat and waterproof still is the key problem, should pay special attention to. If possible, should be the experimental results and relevant materials such as a demonstration analysis report form, as an integral part of the design. The experts also should be related to the lighting engineering in LED light source used should follow the standard and lighting effect of evaluation and feasible advice and Suggestions, in order to make project smoothly.

Anyhow, the LED lighting is a landscape of perfect combination of art and technology, need lighting lighting designers, engineers and cooperate, from design concept, creative, and refining technique scheme, make each LED lighting is become urban landscape in a beautiful scenery. Make landscape lighting design perfect, moving.

- and future direction

In the landscape lighting, LED a more unique superiority, may be convinced that LED landscape lamps and lanterns interdiscipline along the road, toward the artistry, intelligent, the rapid development in the direction of flexibility, LED is gestates unlimited business opportunities. Some of the inherent advantage is LED by the rapid development of landscape lighting LED the main driving force, LED application developers, closely and downstream clients industrial, concerted efforts, the power of the high quality products and engineering application, mainly in the following aspects:

(1) is to continue development power leds.

Second, (2) the compact modular power LED lamps and lanterns. Different from traditional light, LED power is used, low dc current, high efficiency dc supply source is not mature, low efficiency of power supply system makes the energy level LED the discount.

(3) to eliminate LED light source of flat color patch flare and uneven phenomenon.

(4) application in landscape lighting LED the advantage and incomparable light soft, colourful, easy to realize the dynamic digital control, energy conservation and environmental protection, it is replacing the traditional landscape illumination luminaries cute-looking, therefore, should strengthen the propaganda, improve LED choice and use LED level.

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