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LED manufacturers optimistic about the future prospects for the development of the LED lamps
2012-12-19 15:22:06


With the support of the Government of LED lamps, as well as major LED manufacturers progressive development, the lighting engineering auxiliary lighting and other public occasions, LED lighting gradually replace some of the traditional light source products. LED in developed countries to enter the main lighting popularization. Place in higher electricity bills, longer use commercial applications, LED lighting is rapidly becoming the new darling of the market. LED lighting company forecast 2014, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of the LED market will increase to 30.6%, to $ 20.2 billion.

Cost analysis based on the full life cycle of the LED lamps, LED lighting compared with the equivalent performance of traditional lamps, LED bulb , LED spotlights , LED downlights , LED panel lights cycle cost significantly lower than traditional lighting, already has a clear competitive advantage. The full life cycle cost and traditional lighting LED fluorescent basically the same is expected in 2012 will show significant cost advantages, promote the alternative use.

Outdoor lighting for LED lamps replace 250W high pressure sodium lamp, LED street lamps and tunnel lamps cost should be lower than the cost of traditional lighting, the cost gap is about 30 percent, LED street lamps and tunnel competitive advantage has emerged. According to the development trend of the price of LED lights continuously reduce, improve performance, expected in 2013, the vast majority of the full life cycle of the LED lamps integrated cost will be significantly lower than traditional lamps become mainstream lighting source.

LED lights prospects are very bright for the rising star of the lighting field. In addition to lighting stores and many LED manufacturers strongly promotion, the relevant government departments also vigorously promote the development of the LED industry. In 2009, the Ministry of Science and Technology launched called "Ten thousand ten cities" semiconductor lighting demonstration cities program, developed in 21 cities to promote the first phase of LED lights, the second phase of two million LED lights installed in 50 cities, achieve annual target of saving 10 billion kWh.

LED lighting applications market has started to form, the expected domestic LED lighting application market will appear in the last two years with the domestic LED lighting products subsidies to support the introduction of the policy and the implementation of the rapid growth of LED lighting applications will remain relatively 2011-2015 high growth rate. Calculated in accordance with the fixture data, it is expected that its share of the lighting market in 2015 will increase to about 30%, one of the most competitive mainstream lighting source.

In order to comply with the development of the LED lighting market, Shengnai Si as an emerging brand of LED lamps, strong research and development and production of LED indoor lighting lamps, LED lights to provide our clients with LED Bulb , LED panel lights , LED downlights , LED ceiling light and a series of high-quality products and perfect after-sales service to meet the requirements of our customers, welcome old and new customers and the LED lights wholesale supplier to more negotiations.

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