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LED the market? LED for NaBan heat?
2010-04-13 14:43:24
LED the market? LED for NaBan heat?

LED in China shenzhen hot, yangzhou, jiuzhou Micron sized cities, including such as, TSMC global semiconductor olders are competing in the near future, and LED the market into declared global EMS leading enterprise ltd.-taiwan honghai group also announced that relate to the upstream sapphire crystal industry LED long.
LED the market? Advertise industry institute estimates extension of global output by 2010, LED for 80 billion dollars, compound annual growth rate of 20 percent by 2012, and global output will reach $108 billion. The main application market is showing, backlit, automobile, etc. According to the forecast future, foreign authorities LED the biggest market application is general lighting market, if can completely replace fluorescent lamp, it might have more than 3,000 million dollars over the potential size of the market. This number will exceed $billion in 2008 IC2500 global sales.

Facing such big future market, who can resist temptation and not by this? But when we reach 30 billion dollars, it seems no one can answer this question.

If Moore's law can be extended to also belongs to the category of semiconductors LED, efficiency and power field, and cost reduction should be LED Moore's law pursuit of the goal. What LED to the ratio of incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, contend with market will favor the energy-efficient "star" lighting.

Now that developed independently of semiconductor 80lm power of the second generation wLED/has been successfully applied in the research on the main road, efficiency and service life in saving etc. Stand the test.

The author through Google knock into "the price", LED a Taiwan LED agents, online 3W - 120-140LM of high power LED lights for $16.5 price, 160LM 140 - the power leds price for $19. Although leds and incandescent lamp, life saving compared to significantly longer than incandescent lamp 20 ~ 30 times longer than 10 times, fluorescent light, but with one or two yuan a bulb, compared to the initial input seems a little high.

Many believe that scientists can say with semiconductor in pursuit of inner LED Moore's law, but achieving price may not reduce the rapid overnight. In China has become a global manufacturing base, solar energy, because LED China to the world and had a chance of starting almost at the same time, the Chinese semiconductor people may be lucky.

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