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LED theory
2010-07-02 11:40:10
LED theory

                Light emitting diodes, commonly known as leds. Light emitting diodes just a tiny bulbs. But don't like common incandescent light bulb, light emitting diodes no filament, and not particularly hot, it is only by the semiconductor material in the electronic movement and make it shine. Because light emitting diodes no filament would burn out, so the life is longer. And light-emitting diodes small plastic bulb makes light emitting diodes more durable, plus LED to more easily for now the electronic circuit. The traditional incandescent light and heat the process, it is a total waste of energy. Light emitting diodes of heat is very little, relatively speaking, the light is more electricity directly to reduce the demand for power.

                Light is a form of energy, an atom can be released. There are many energy and power but no quality of tiny particles as small bundle. These particles called photons, is the basic unit of the light. Photonic because only released electronic movement. In an atom of atoms, electronic in orbit around move to form. Electronic in different tracks with different function of energy. Generally speaking, have more energy to move away from the orbit of electronic nuclear. When the electronic from a lower to a higher rail track, the energy level is higher, in turn, when from higher to lower the orbital fall when the rail function of electronic will release energy. Photonic energy is released. Higher energy release of the photon energy down higher, its characteristic is its high frequency.

The free electrons from P type layer through the diodes into the empty cavity electronic. This includes transmission belt from a lower to the rail, electronic is to function of photonic forms the release of energy. This in any diodes will happen, when the diodes are composed by a substance, you just can see photons. In standard silicon diodes atoms, for example, when a relatively short electronic fell into the way atoms are arranged. Results, due to the low frequency electronics of our eyes is unable to see.

             Visible, such as used in digital LED display type, the size of the clearance of the clock frequency of a photon decision, in other words, a light color. Decision When all the diodes are emit light, most are not very effective. In ordinary diodes, semiconductor material itself attract large light. Light emitting diodes are covered by a plastic bulb lights on in a particular direction.

         The price of semiconductor components in the past 10 years have greatly reduced, believe that the future light-emitting diodes in a wide range of applications, is a more cost-effective lighting.

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