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LEDX LED market confidence index
2010-11-25 23:14:20


LED Package index (Package LEDX)

Index: 4858.4
Change: +31.9 (0.66%)
MA 20: 4785
MA 60: 4892

LED Market Confidence Index Help
LEDX prepared by NewLedLight used to observe the LED indicators of the index of industry trends, with the rise of environment protection and energy issues, LED both saving and environmental protection, not only in many countries began to replace the LED bulbs public construction, coupled with its application innovation, imagination of the future market greatly increased, LED long-term bullish trend. Therefore NewLedLight observed by the market index to the LEDX outlook for the LED and the confidence level, and to a closer analysis of changes in industrial structure, namely the establishment of upstream and downstream packaging factory fab two indices: Chip-LEDX & Package - LEDX, provide market participants as a reference.

LEDX presentation
Many previous studies have suggested that the stock is a leading indicator of fundamentals, so LEDX to change between stock prices and revenues are calculated, the concept similar to index funds, listed companies with a basket of stocks subject to the weighted average conception the index, used to represent the market value of LED, and through the performance of the market value of the next LED to observe the changes in industry fundamentals.

As in Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea, most of the LED mode of operation of the company by integrating upstream and downstream packaging chips, and even finished lamps. Therefore, a clear division of labor selected LEDinside LED manufacturers in Taiwan to prepare LEDX index. And indices into Chip-LEDX, and Package-LEDX. Were used to observe changes in the upstream and downstream industries. Our list of selected stocks as follows:


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