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Leds with common specification term explanation
2010-04-22 08:53:06



Leds with common specification term explanation

Some lamps and lanterns sales will often received customer demand LED lamp with inquiry, but due to the phone with specifications leds, often need not familiar term explanation for customers to make customers know half. According to this phenomenon, the LED lights below 5 kinds of specifications with commonly used terms are explained and sharing, also for purchasing friends references:

A, LED 0603, 0805 size: 1210, 5050, refers to the use of leds luminous components - on the size of the inch (LED), below is the metric system/these specifications of the detailed introduction:

0603: conversion for metric is, LED components range of length, width is 1.0 mm is 0.5 mm. Industries referred to in 0603 called, 1005.
0805: conversion, namely 2125 for the metric system is that the length of the components are LED 2.0 mm, width is 1.25 mm) industry, imperial 2125 referred to as 0805.
For the metric system is 1210: conversion 3528, LED the length of the components is 350 mm, width is 2.8 mm. Industry, imperial 3528 referred to as 1210.
5050: this is called the metric system, LED the length of the components are 5.0 mm, width is 5.0 mm. Industry 5050 referred to.

Second, LED lamp: 15 lamp, 30, 60, lamp lights refers to take every meters length leds on how many star LED welding components, generally with 1210 specification lamp is every 60 meters, the specification lamp 5050 star leds is every 30 meters, has LED the special star every metres 60 star LED. Different quantity of LED lights LED with price is different, it is also distinguish leds with an important factor of price.

Third, color: refers to a standard blackbody heating temperature, to a certain degree of dark colour began when light kermes - orange - - - the blue, white, a gradual change with the color photograph of black light at the same time, we will absolutely temperature bold colour temperature is called the light of.

General colour temperature as an assessment leds with foreign clients, but many indicators, because use environment will be a special requirements.

Light color temperature, light color is different in different:

? In 3300K colour temperature, light color slants red to warm feeling, Have sedate atmosphere, warm feeling, warm temperature. Intellectuals.
? Colour temperature is in 3000-6000K here for middle and tonal without special obvious visual psychology effect, have feeling of refreshing, So called "neutral"
? Color temperature, light color slants 6000K more blue, give a person with the cool feeling, lonesome appellative.

Four, CD (small) brightness:

The basic unit of the luminous intensity is small, the basic unit of the international system of units.
General leds with different color can have different luminous intensity, common unit is small, namely hair MCD. The higher the luminous intensity bigger, brighter, namely. It is with brightness leds evaluation index of the higher requirement, the brightness of the light with the price. Because of the high brightness LED chip prices higher and higher, difficulty of encapsulation brightness.

Five, the luminous Angle:

This means that LED lights blinking LED components with Angle, generic patch, SMD LED light Angle of components is 120 degrees. The luminous Angle, astigmatism, but the effect of the brightness of the light and its corresponding also reduced. Light Angle, light intensity is small, but the scope of exposure and will narrow. Therefore, the evaluation of leds luminous index is another important Angle. Now there are some bad manufacturer, in order to improve the brightness of the light in order to earn higher profit, decrease the luminous Angle, intentionally carelessly a bit, will buy such shoddy components.

Six, voltage: it refers to the input voltage with LED lamp, common specification is dc 12V, also have a plenty of 24V.

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