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Major global LED lamp demonstration project
2010-07-28 21:00:04


The year 2003 LED lights in the demonstration project, including the raging countries, Britain, Canada, the United States and China have demonstration project, 2007 national demonstration project scale larger, more extensive coverage, the following several large will do for single is introduced. The demonstration project

1 Dutch Philips in Holland to Ede demonstration of lamps

In 2005, the Dutch Philips claims to the installation of global LED lamp Ede, these lights each optical module contains 18 white and yellow LED (6 3W white leds and 12 1W leds), so what will make lamp can according to different season and night time a soft or bright light. In addition, the LED lamp in include Philips, two optical module for 4 m, illumination range from 8 m and circumstance, to ground for 10 lux brightness.

2. Lincoln LED lamp lighting (Lincoln) test

Lincoln LED lights are used from LED the traffic lights, this city in use LED the traffic lights saves $30,000 year after that, if use LED lamp will be more cost savings. Therefore in 2006, Lincoln (Lincoln) 745,000 dollars to Lincoln set-aside Electric System (the), LED lamp test in use LED lamp can save 20% after charges.

3 LED lamp makes Toronto (Toronto) brighter, more environmentally friendly

The main purpose for saving demonstration project of electricity expenses and reduce greenhouse gas. Toronto has 160,000 street lamp, if all the LED lamp, expected to save $6 billion in annual electricity expenses and reduce 18,000 tons of greenhouse gases, equivalent to about 36 emanate from the car disappear.

Currently the only 12 Toronto LED lamp lights in Automotive manufacturers for Building, Leotek Electronics, each cost about $1,200 lights. This program will continue in 2007, durability, LED lighting features and resist the weather changes, etc.

4 LED lamp in New York in the competition

Plan for the City Lights "name down - New York", this plan the earliest in 2004, New York City for a New launch international design Competition, the lamp light finally won the plans for the coming years, technology LED to LED light-source technology r&d and module, LED light source, combining LED light shape design highlights flux, and thin, and the modified for solving problems; the heat LED, LED module, by integrating high brightness LED technology to increase in applications of LED lighting, besides by optical module design to reduce light failure problems. The plan in the ongoing in recent years, New York expect to see new LED lamp.

5. Raleigh, north Carolina, USA state of hand, creating Cree and first LED City

Raleigh, north Carolina, USA state Cree hand in hand, and to build public park from the first City, citizens for LED by LED lighting quality, more positive views about ascension, identities. Declare become the first American cities, the vision LED Raleigh Cree and will continue to cooperate, over the next 18 months, for the lamp, sidewalks lighting, building lighting and other various LED within the scope of application, make the City LED, worthy of your source of environmental protection and achievements of the day, setting up the other cities.

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