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New LED lighting solution for retail jewelry
2009-09-26 10:14:03


NEW YORK (Commodity Online): Retail jewelry business owes its success to proper showcase lighting that helps them to make their products attractive. Many experts insist that if stores want to display their products to their best advantage, the most important element of the store’s design may be its lighting.

Econo-Lite which provides lighting solutions for retail especially jewellery has now announced a new innovation which has been named Color Perfect Jewellery Lighting. It is a revolutionary illumination system that allows store owners to display jewelry in the most accurate and appropriate lighting possible, both inside and outside of the showcase, the company said in a press release.

Color Perfect Jewelry Lighting uses a combination of overhead lighting and in-case LED fixtures, a component that is often overlooked in many jewelry store lighting designs. The importance of light consistency inside and directly over a display case is one of the key components to selling more jewelry.

Jewelry lighting expert, and president of Econo-Lite, Howard Gurock, stated, “If a piece looks better inside the case, that’s where it will stay because the potential sale will be interrupted, once the piece is out of the case and looking less appealing. Overhead lighting is the first component, in-case lighting is secondary and it shouldn’t outperform the overhead lights. “

Color Perfect Jewelry Lighting incorporates ceramic metal halide overhead lighting which provides the high intensity light projection that is necessary to properly display diamonds and jewelry. The in-case LED fixtures supply extra sparkle that attracts and maintains a customer’s gaze.

The system is the result of years of research, testing and focus group studies that included actual jewelry stores and customer feedback, Econo-Lite claimed. (Courtesy: Webwire)

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