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New Sunshine Patent statement
2012-05-19 15:23:30


 Dear Valued customers, welcome to New Sunshine Manufacturing Co.,Ltd (NSS) website.

In view of some factories and trade companies who do not have development capabilityk, driectly copied our designs, products, pictures and websites. With a significant patent portfolio, NS vigorously protects its intellectual property. Hereby declare as follow:
1.NSS is the orininal inventor and manufacturer of LED corn lights with patents.Patent numbers
  201130321940.8  &  201130321944.6
 new Sunshine LED Lights Patent  201130321940.8   New Sunshine Patent numbers
2.Any manufacturer can not be counterfeit, imitation against our company, including the above-mentioned products to the application of a new franchise, not through illegal means without permission of the utility model patents for their products. 
3.Requests all units to cease all violations against the rights of patent holders; Otherwise, legal proceedings against you shall be taken out for the tort liability of your company or your employee(s) and a compensation of any economic loss shall be claimed by NSS. 
“The results from the State Intellectual Property Office granted open, have independent intellectual property rights, any unit or individual without the permission of the franchise, not for the purpose of the production and operation of the manufacture, use, sale of its patented products, or the use of its patented methods and the use of and sales in accordance with the method of direct access to the patented product. ”

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