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New super bright LED light source from Soanar
2009-09-26 11:02:33
New super bright LED light source from Soanar

With its new version of OSTAR Lighting, OSRAM Opto Semiconductors presents its first coldwhite LED to achieve more than 1000 lumen.

This means the new OSTAR Lighting LED is brighter than a 50 W halogen lamp, making it ideal for a wide range of applications in the general lighting sector.

Samples of the new OSTAR Lighting LED will be produced in the next three months. Market launch is planned for summer 2007.

The new LED light source is based on well established components, which means that progress from the development stage to the production stage will be rapid. The increase in brightness is the result of major improvements to the overall system of chip and package.

The high-flux LED is equipped with six closely packed 1 mm² high-power chips. This high chip packing density leads to a high luminance. What this means in actual practice is that a single OSTAR Lighting with a 38° reflector is all that is needed to illuminate a desk with more than 500 lux from a height of two meters.

OSTAR also produces 75 lm/W from an operating current of 350 mA.

The new OSTAR Lighting LED was developed as part of the BMBF NanoLux program and is available from Soanar.

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