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Select the standard of the LED lamps
2012-12-19 15:37:13


Choice of LED lamps , a key of restricting the development of LED technology is not match the power of life and the life of the LED, LED long life, power electronic devices and not so long, especially in the life of electrolytic capacitors became the overall life of the LED lamps.

To consider the following aspects should choose LED lamps:

power efficiency, higher power efficiency, more energy-efficient and, at the same time reduce the fever of the power supply, effectively improve the life of the power.

Second, LED lamp beads foot 1W enough power chip package, many manufacturers use less than 1W chip package lamp beads to create the finished lamps, the power to increase the output current to increase lamp beads brightness, but as lights initial brightness You can also, but the light fades quickly.

LED lamp beads heat, the better the thermal structure design of LED lamp beads, light failure the same time will be extended. Market, most of the manufacturers to save costs, reduce bulk aluminum heat LED lamps quality greatly reduced.

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