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The badminton hall LED lighting design
2012-12-19 15:35:36


Badminton hall lighting usually three forms: natural lighting, artificial lighting, and the two at the same time and with the mixed lighting. Modern badminton courts, mostly for mixed lighting, in badminton courts artificial lighting for general lighting.

LED manufacturers recommended standard arrangement:
1.LED lamps on the ceiling for general lighting, from both sides of the net increase in auxiliary translucent lighting.
2.indoor side wall side lighting or indirect lighting.
3. lamps should have a file light grille to prevent glare.
4.good contrast with the background for the white ball, best interior wall and ceiling with brown or green, floor decoration with low reflectivity.

Shengnai Si LED lamps manufacturer recommendations: metal halide light source.
2.lamps to be irradiated surface wide reflective panels to be clear, the use of integrated lighting.
3.light source power lamp height, cloth lamp density and lighting needs using 400w-1000w (or even a 2000w.
4.according to the different game levels, lighting can be grouped control.
5.lamps best put higher, installed in the upper position of the sight.
6.lamps spacing glare degree mildly.

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