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The safety requirements. LED lamps and lanterns
2010-04-14 11:58:25


LED has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, lamps and lanterns industry has become the main trend. Due to the use of technology and LED product attributes and traditional lamps and lanterns is very different, so the safety standards of lamps and lanterns has clearly not applicable. To assist the issue, this will face with LED lamps and lanterns USES of technology, the application may category, and currently used by UL safety evaluation to the instructions.

LED lamps and lanterns technology and characteristics
The so-called LED lamps and lanterns, just as its name implies, refers to using LED lighting products emitting Diode, one - Light emitting Diode) technology as the main source of hair. Leds is a solid semiconductor components, its use current to flow toward semiconductor p - n coupling, and separated by semiconductor charged electronic and electrical hole has two sons in combination, and produce photon emission, different types of LED to send to the blue from infrared lights, and that between different ultraviolet between wavelength of light. The new development in recent years is painted blue leds in fluorescent powder blue leds, into a white LED products. This operation generally need collocation is driving circuit (LED) or the Power Supply (Power), the driving circuit (or Power Supply main function is to convert the ac voltage dc Power Supply, and meanwhile finishing and LED conform to drive the voltage and current, combined component.
LED lamps and lanterns of small volume, light weight, and with epoxy encapsulation, can endure high strength, impact and vibration machine, and the brightness is broken, so the attenuation cycle life as 50,000-100,000 hours, far more than 10 hours of traditional tungsten lamps and fluorescent tubes of 10,000 hours. Due to the use of lamps and lanterns LED 5 ~ 10 years, so not only can dramatically reduce the cost of replacement of lamps and lanterns again, because of its small current can be driven, in light of the circumstances as illumination, power consumption is only one half of fluorescent lamp, also have LED to save electricity saving merits. But because the LED part, so it is technology used in the beginning of the shortcomings of lamps and lanterns (including light in color, consistency, color), and the price is high, the heat, and improper heat, it will lead to the brightness LED lamps and lanterns and circuit components use accelerated life. With manufacturing technology in recent years, these faults by leaps and bounds, including LED the thermal resistance and light quality also gradually decrease in ascension. In 2008, but the white light LED luminance has reached 100 Lm/W, and LED the warm light, luminous efficiency in 2010, but also from the current 70 Lm/W - 100 Lm/W. Compared with other general illuminant, tungsten light bulb about 15 Lm/W, fluorescent fluorescent about 45-60 Lm/W and HID lights around 120 ~ 150 Lm/W, leds luminous efficiency obviously has gradually advantage, Below are LED and other common lamps and lanterns in the light of comparison.
Lighting features

White LED source operating environment, broad, miniaturization, vibration, the beam
Fluorescent lamp light (fluorescent lamps, but wastes are fragile mercury pollution problems
An incandescent bulb low efficiency and high tungsten power, short life, fragile

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