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Commercial lighting is the primary market of LED lighting
2013-12-26 09:42:15


LED lighting has not yet universal currently in the domestic application, individual regional market is still the incandescent lamp.As countries ban of incandescent lamps and lanterns, LED lighting or will usher in a new development, including commercial lighting or will go on.

Commercial lighting is the most important market of the current application of LED lighting and lighting of the main target of output, but the commercial lighting is more and more high demand for lamps and lanterns.The differentiation and the management function is more obvious, in the past two years, commercial lighting demand gradually to the intelligent control system, research and development of more and more manufacturers launched different intelligent lighting control system.

ZigBee is a hot wireless technology in recent years, it has stable communication, spectrum, free network size, low power consumption, easy networking features.It widely used in various fields, and lighting combined with wireless ZigBee, make lighting lamps and lanterns can be connected to the Internet and control, and also a dimmer, testing functions such as current, voltage, power factor, let the light is not only for lighting, more humanized management.
As is known to all,the most important features of  LED lighting are energy saving, long life, high color rendering, and intelligent control,and energy conservation is an important advantage, and combines
ZigBee technology LED lighting lamps and lanterns can realize the secondary energy saving, intelligent controlling.Administration need bright lights and turn off the lights at any time, because of the combination of wireless,it can control the lamps and lanterns in the remote, this technique is especially suitable for commercial lighting and control occasions. And because the lamps and lanterns in networking, can real-time report working status, can grasp every the running situation of lamps and lanterns, no longer need to artificial inspection, greatly reduces the management cost.
LED is epoch-making energy-saving product, in the case of the current domestic has not yet universal, integrated commercial lighting field of intelligent lighting system, or will put to the LED lighting new power, and become the main battlefield of LED flood light.

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