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Intelligent household lighting,LED lights have the final say
2013-07-20 14:18:46


 Want to change the tone in the home, in addition to previous reapir, you can also through the design of light environment to improve.

This is a set of intelligent lighting system, light environment with the weather and mood automatic debugging. The swan goose can intelligent household experience center in hangzhou, consumers can experience a first.

Such as your home decorate color is warm color to move, a to seem to be  very hot in summer, so 

you can open it cool can refreshing pattern, selection of cold light series are blue or green, Your whole is tonal slants cold, for example, in the winter, you can open the warm mode, background light will become warm. At the same time, you can also according to the mood, choose corresponding patterns, patterns such as romance, small and pure and fresh pattern, etc..

In addition to the lamp, the curtain also is very humanization, automatic perceptual capabilities. If indoor light is not bright, the curtain will automatically open slowly, at noon, when the light is bright the curtain is pulled and automatically. There are geothermal, master into the house when in the winter, there is warm geothermal waiting for him. Because this is the default, automatic open in front of the home owner.


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