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LED lighting application
2013-05-25 10:54:47


 LED lighting application domain expands unceasingly, from basic lighting to plant factories lighting, mobile lighting, automotive lighting. LED lighting have been a part of our life.


Inside the car, LED display screen, ACTS as a vehicle-mounted LCD display and navigation information enter tainment and backlit dashboard. Other applications including environmental lighting inside the car and reading lamp, foot and trunk illumination.

On the outside of the car, LED one of the important applications include the LED taillights and brake lights. IHS believes that although sometimes multiple tail lights only need a LED driver. LED is becoming more and more cars, but in the next few years will help promote the LED driver IC in the car usage.

Plant factories

The Japan almostly plant factories don't rely on sunlight, but LED lighting. 

Along with the ascension of the maturity of the LED lighting application, LED lighting has become an integral part of plant factory, compared to traditional halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp, LED light source environmental protection not only, also with power-saving advantages at the same time, for users, LED light source of can control sex but also bring more advantages for agricultural planting. 


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