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LED lighting application is no longer a single
2013-05-22 17:26:40


 LED lighting application, you will think the lighing. In recent years, LED lights have been used in the plant cultivation.

Along with the ascension of the maturity of the LED lighting application, LED lighting has become an integral part of plant factory, compared to traditional halogen lamp and fluorescent lamp, LED light source environmental protection not only, also with power-saving advantages at the same time, for users, LED light source of can control sex but also bring more advantages for agricultural planting. Observed according to the expert inside course of study, the LED light source of light with the light all can control, can according to different varieties and planting species with different wavelength of LED light source, light can also be linked to length to supplement. Also can't look down upon the strengthening effect of specific wavelengths, compared with the traditional light source, leds are more able to play different plants require different wavelengths to suppplement energy. But compared with the sun, the LED energy natural or slightly smaller, but because the night without the sun, the LED light source of supplement and reinforcement, it is one of the reasons why plants can shorten production period.




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