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LED lights for U.S saving of more than $500 million
2013-06-18 09:19:55


The U.S. department of energy made a study, the study aims to calculate the due to the widely used leds. How many electricity saving the United States in 2012 ? Not long ago, the U.S. Department of energy released the report, numbers are impressive: about in the United States has installed 4900. LED lights in 2012, energy saving quantity is about 71 trillion British thermal units, which is equivalent to save $675 million a year. The report went on to assert that if transfer the entire lighting to LED, the amount of cost savings can be as high as $39 billion.

More exciting is the LED improvement potential, LED is more and more good, also more and more cheap, but it's development speed will be faster and faster. The U.S department of energy estimates that if can be used to convert the entire lighting to LED, annual energy can save nearly 3873 TBTU, or about 3.9 trillion BTU. This will be equivalent to about $3.7 billion in annual energy costs. The amount of 2012 national lighting energy consumption about half.


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