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New LED lighting system for lighting
2013-12-03 09:09:40


 New LED lighting system for street lamp is more energy-saving

The system can ensure that street lamp light need to light only, and does not produce other unnecessary light through the efficient use of LED.A unique feature of this new type of LED system is that it can adapt to different layout of the lamps in the street led street light, to provide efficient lighting of streets and roads. This new type of street lamp system is composed of three parts. The first section contains a series of light-emitting diodes (leds), each equipped with a called total internal reflection (TIR) lens unit.Its effect is light, accurately control the direction of the beam, make the light parallel injection without overlapping. Researchers used light utilization (OUF) to quantify the performance of lamps, light utilization rate is higher the better the performance of street lamp. Computer simulation results show that this new type of street lamp system light utilization efficiency can reach 51% to 51%, far more than 45% of the ordinary street lamp at present.

Light "smart hospital lighting system" with LED 

System was produced by murata and households in the field construction company, ox tail motor group business oxtail lighting company cooperation, joint development of a new generation of hospital lighting system. This is the first time the system become practical.The purpose of hospitals use the lighting system is that implementation in accordance with circadian rhythm (circadian rhythm) lighting, and by controlling the LED corn light to achieve energy saving. Intelligent hospital lighting system by using wireless signal without battery switch and lighting control equipment, realize the conform to the circadian rhythm of light. Circadian rhythm refers to is about 24 hours for the cycle changes of circadian rhythms. Lighting system will be 1 day is divided into five period of time, day and night light use of LED lighting performance change.The life cycle of hospital personnel remained stable. LED lighting control helps to achieve energy saving, using the simulation results show that before and not to control, output power, compared to the same LED lighting up to a 30% cut in energy. Compared with the fluorescent lamp appliance, can cut up about 90% of the energy.

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