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Plants by LED lighting, contain more vitamins
2013-05-30 14:25:59


 Maybe you know that plants lighting by LED lights, LED lighting can shorten the time required for plant growth, but the LED lights for plant factorys more than those advantage. A Japanese plant factory start using LED as light source. Lighting to grow vegetables. According to the test, so that the grown vegetable more rich mutrition than vegetable crops grown in the sunlight Scientific explanation: because LED lighting can regulate the wavelength of light and brightness, to meet the demand of vegetables growth.

Here, however, LED lighting is not used in general family expenses of fluorescent lamp. Household fluorescent released mainly by blue light, little help for the growth of plants. Japanese experts use plants with LED lights are red, blue, green three primay colors of light source, so as to effectively promote the growth of plants, vegetable are more nutritious.


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