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The international development trend of the LED lighting regulations standard
2013-05-31 14:38:02


 Lighting products of international standard was developed with the development of the light source, because be very different from traditional lighting light source LED light-emitting characteristics, make originally for traditional optical properties measurement way is not suitable for LED.

Because of the global lighting electricity consumption accounted for 20% of the total electricity consumption, there are as many as 90% of the electrical energy is converted into heat energy consumption, under the consideration of energy conservation and industry. At the same time, countries are actively develop environmental protection laws and regulations, the European Union, the United States, China, Australia, are successively developed sales plan, such as luminous flux, luminous intensity and color measurement, otherwise the LED of the measurement precision and accuracy will be facing great difficulties. Along with the development of high power white LED technology, functional lighting need to use the power in kwlevel, and general lighting lamps and lanterns on the optical and mechanical structure performance index has obvious difference, so the photoelectric characteristics of high-power leds, chromaticity characteristics, safety, the requirements of the product's reliability and consistency are more strict. But LED optical and thermal properties of very different with the traditional light source, the current for the LED measurement cannot fully to use the measuring method of traditional lighting light source, so the various performance indicators to set up a standard specification and thermal index is particularly important. America has launched a number of LED lighting optical, electrica, and chroma test specification, and introduced a solid-state lighting lamps and lanterns in the field of energy efficiency of the energy star program Japan is first released the test method of the white LED. China also accelerated life test method for LED, LED modules and components test method research. The U.S announe the new test program. If you wnat know the content please clicking here.


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