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The trend of led street lights and tunnel lights
2013-07-10 16:04:13


 With the LED lighting techonlogy continues to mature and development, performance and safety standards in both the national level, industry level and local level have been fully understanding,also made a lot of this kind of standard. Overall, security and performance indicators is not street light tunnel lights the most sensitive issues in the technology development trend.

At present is the maintainability of lamps and lanterns, replaceability and interface standardization problems become the public lighting products a wide range of use and promotion of the key.

Even if the life span of the LED lamps and lanterns is more than 50000 hours six years after the owner also face replacement problem; For traditional lamps and lanterns, owner you just need to replace the light source, lamps and lanterns is the service life of the lamp shell can usually over 20 years. For integral LED lamps and lanterns.the owner need to replace the whole lamp, as a result, a  high replacement cost of itself of lamps and lanterns, 2,repalcement of the high cost of operation is difficult. Tender a new owner may replace new lamps and lanterns, changed the original tunnel maintenance program, brings new problems and decision-making of maintenance units units. In addition, if different manufacturer of lamps and lanterns is not interchangeable, owner is use will be affected by manufactuer, based on the development of "interface standardization, modular, intelligent control of the LED lamps lanterns for the wide application of leds has very important significance.

Modular street light tunnel lamp core idea is : LED light source as a module, in the lamps and lanterns of LED light source module, power supply as a replacement of the main body, in the maintenance of independence in the process of change; Need to solve the technical difficulties that want to use, and ensure the reliability of the light source module to realize unamed operation field replaceable; Interface standards to acheve unity and compatibility of different manufactures.

Finally,the ED as a new type of light source is the biggest advantage of intelligent control, therefore, corresponding to the intelligent system for tunnel lighting and agreement should also be unified standard system.

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