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led lights market 2013
2013-05-24 11:36:34


In recent years, LED light is more and more diversified, global sunshine time shorten, LED lights used for plant cultivaiton is becoming more and more popular.

The Japan is LED lamp plant cultivation frontier. Plants mostly does not rely on the sun lighting factory, but by leds promoting plant production, Studies have found that many plants in the process of growth, need only red light and blue light. LED can emit various wavelengths of light, compared with the full spectrum of sunlight, the researchers can pass "with light" that they only accept certain wavelengths within the scope of the "man-made sun". Therefore in this 200-square-meter"plant factory", the researchers only light blue light and red light to plants. LED 24 hour days, even in the night, the plants will also continue to photosynthesis.

In such an environment, plant growth speed is greatly increased. That need to be 52 days to 60 days to grow vegetables, to use LED plant growth light after 20 days to mature.

LED lights to replace the sunlight, increase the production cost of the plant, but does not mean that farmers benefit from reduced, because do not need to rely on the weather in the laboratory, plants are vertical distribution into 2~5 layers, each layer has a LED light source, the design pattern, make crop unit production was greatly increased.




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